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your blog is so pretty! love the header! I'm a sucker for good, clean graphics.

Let me know if you book with AirBnB! I'm curious about how smooth the process is.

Sarah MacMillan

I can see why you just had to have that bar! The bed frame is pretty amazing too. Thanks for sharing! I've seen the wood credenza by Paul Evans. The "tetras pieces" weren't flush with one another. They were set at different depths (if that makes sense). I'm not a pro on these kinds of things like you are!

Sundeep @ Designwali

ooh love it...can't wait to see your final piece! I need an entryway makeover too!


Now I can't wait to see your entry. Love the Domino's pizza man encounter - he's obviously a decorating genius. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog so I could find yours. I absolutely love your style and your home and am so incredibly jealous. What a dream to be able to envision a house from the ground up. A dream come true. That Paul Evans bar is phenomenal - you did the right thing! Look forward to reading/seeing more.



That is an awesome story...it reminds me of other awesome situations like people asking overweight women when they are due or calling a rather masculine-looking woman "sir" before realizing...(c: And I couldn't agree more with the design dilemma and the people that just don't get it...why don't I just go to Ashley??? Have you *SEEN* their stuff lately? Or EVER? HA! That bar is without a doubt drool-worthy...the piecing together pattern of the mirrors is GENIUS.


there's no point in filling your space with things you don't like, you just end up replacing them over and over... I love your bar, and I'll bet it makes you happier than a room full of "ashley" - as for the comments, well, as Kathy said, they are obviously decorating geniuses!


I found a lake house in europe with a piece of this furniture today!! and did not know who made it. thanks!

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