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Shannon (8foot6)

I love Italy! I can't imagine going with three kids though! That takes guts and determination! Go Mom!

Sarah MacMillan

Italy sounds amazing and these photographs are amazing too! I think my favourites are the final two. The first two are nice but the number of people overwhelms me. I like the beach, but only if I can have some space. Body to body people... no thanks.

Emma at The Marion House Book

You can't go wrong with Italy and there are many beautiful place that are beach free. A couple of years ago we parked ourselves in Verona and then did day trips from there to Lake Garda, Milan, Vincenza, and a 3 night visit to Venice. It worked perfectly and I would do anything to back there!

Victoria @ Edin's House

I'd love to go to Italy too... and I'd take one of these fabulous photos any day!!


I'm with you... love water, ocean, etc... get bored way to quickly hanging out on the beach. Ah well!

I would love to go back to Italy. I've only been once, and it was to Rome, but I adored it! :)

Rosa @ flutterflutter

The photo shoot of Courtney's home is amazing. I am in love with those floors!! And the use of large scale art in the space is perfect. Love!!


I am always completely enamored with Vitali's photos...they seem almost like an out-of-body experience...and they have the coolest retro vibe to them (c: My most cherished ambition is to go visit Italy...it will definitely not be next summer...and probably not the one after that either! But someday, right? (c:


I'm with you on your opinion of the beach. Ick. Love the photos, though. Italy was my favorite vacation... don't think I'd want to take my kids though.

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