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I think we all have a "what the hell was I thinking???" memory...or twenty...(c: Mine usually include crimping and neon. But on to the subject at hand, those sculptures are so fantastic...they are such a great mix of form and futuristic, but not to the point of being obtuse, y'know what I mean? I'm always drawn to that fun, spikey shape and they always add a certain something to a room...I say go for it! And we will need pictures. (c;


There is definitely a sputnik craze going on in the design world. Honestly, I am not into sputnik sculptures because it looks like it will pierce into my flesh any minute. I know, it's just me being a worry wart. However, I am in love with sputnik lamps/chandeliers. :)

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Sundeep @ Designwali

i like the sputnik sculpture...especially in brass! i could definitely put one in my home (although somewhere where the kids can reach for it as a toy). thanks for your lovely comment on my post today. Just the boost I needed...its nice to know I'm not alone when going mad with kids!


It is my life's goal to get a sputnik chandelier or sculpture! I was thinking of trying to DIY something similar while funds continue to evade my wallet. Lovely examples!

Shannon (8foot6)

I love that second room! those chairs? oooooh la la!

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