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Miss Tina, your taste is impeccable...every time you get a new lust worthy object, I am more and more convinced that you and I need to go shopping together someday (c: I *LOVE* the yellow...I don't see how you could've gotten it in any other color! And I just love the shape and all the little spindley metal that makes this chair so modern but not so straight laced as other modern pieces. I think you're right, that chair will make you smile for many years to come...heck, it made me smile!

P.S. The best accessory with the fab new chair? Adorable Elizabeth (c: I'm glad school is underway and hopefully you can squeeze in a little more "me" time, no? (c:

Sundeep @ Designwali

First your little girl is adorable on that chair. Second...KILLLER CHAIR. Your front entrance is amazing and you should be so proud! If I walked home into that everday I would be a happy camper! the colour yellow was perfect for the space!


Love that chair! How funny, I blogged about Warren Platner's dining table in a home tour and you blog about your new fantastic Warren Platner's chair! I am so in love with your new sunny chair! You picked a great color. I know it's not the most practical color but with a gorgeous chair like this, it has to shine, isn't it? (pun intended). Your little girl looks incredibly adorable on that chair and the photograph looks great. You should frame it!

Have a great day, Tina!



Tina, that pic of your daughter is GORGEOUS!!! Love the colors!


The chair is fantastic and looks great in your front entrance!... As for your little girl, she is adorable. Love her blonde curls! Enjoy your Mother/Daughter time with her :)

Jen @ RamblingRenovators

Your daughter looks so lovely! I love the lines of the chair and it works in your entry beautifully. What a showpiece it is!


OMG Tina! It's stunning! I can't believe how perfect it is with your amazing art! I'll see you at school next week... we should go for coffee one of the mornings... it'll be my first year with "alone time" every morning while Becks is in School! Yippeee!!!


I have such mixed feelings about this time of year. I love the time to myself but I hate the routine and I miss the kids. They, I'm sure, do not miss me:) You are one very talented lady. I love every single thing about your front entrance. I also agree with Jesse that the photo of your gorgeous girl would be perfect framed.

Sarah MacMillan

Awesome chair! I love the yellow and it looks so good in your entryway. (And Elizabeth is darling as ever.)

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