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Congrats! This is such an awesome news! How exciting! Looking forward to read the behind-the scenes and see how your home looks like after it was "styled"! You go, girl!


Vanessa@Decor Happy

Congrats Tina! How exciting to see your home in print in such a fab publication. I remember Erin speaking about "How to get published" and that they like to shoot the homeowners. I'm sure you will look great! Enjoy it all and can't wait to read about it here.


Ooooo! Good Luck, woman! Not that you will need it, nor will you need to swap out yourself for your admittedly adorable children (c: You will be amazing! I'm so excited for you, I think it will be a blast, so just enjoy the ride! Well, as much as you can in that sort of stressful situation, I feel ya, girl! (c: The house will no doubt look fantastic, too, I mean, how could it not?

Sundeep @ Designwali

OMG! I am so excited for you Tina! I'm sure you will look fab in anything! Have loads of fun and I can't wait to read all your behind the scene details!! Yipppeee!


Hi Tina, Cute post. We are excited too! You are in the very best of hands with Erin and Virginia. And no worries about needing a "skinny dress", Virginia is not only a talented interiors photographer but also great with people pics (and not all interiors photographers are). She is awesomesauce. Trust me, you will look so good you will be considering a modelling career! Have a great time.

Sarah MacMillan

How Exciting!!! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to hear all about it. Your home will look amazing and you will too. You have such style, girl. Relax and Enjoy! (Totally thrilled that a Saskatoon home is being featured. Yay!)


Congrats! Such exciting news... I can't wait until I see your home in print! :)

Emma at The Marion House Book

Having been there, I know what you are going through! It's one thing to get your house ready but add in getting yourself ready and it's 2x the amount of stress. I'm sure you (and your house) will look fabulous! Looking forward to seeing it in the magazine.


woot woot!!! so exciting! Can't wait to see it :)


HAhahaha! I can't believe you are worrying about what to wear! You are more stylish than most of us even when you're wearing work-out clothes! I can't wait to hear all of the details about the shoot! SO EXCITING! EEK!

Victoria @ Edin's House

And so it begins!!
Have fun with this, Tina ~ so exciting!!!!!
Be sure to keep us updated as you learn more about publication date, etc. :-)


be sure to keep me updated as to when this comes to pass....super fun!!!

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