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Theresa Barriscale

This post is so memeorable. The moment I heard that Steve Jobs had passed this very event came into my mind. Look what it has done in our live to keep us connected. Love you Tina.

Sundeep @ Designwali

What a beautiful and honest post. Hope you & your family have a terrific weekend!


This is such a very sweet and fitting memory for remembering a brilliant man. Did you read Erin's from Elements of Style little tribute to Steve? It was beautiful, too. I love this sweet memory and what it represents to you...I always love your posts, girl! You are also a gifted writer (you can add that to the list (c:)!

Rosa @ flutterflutter

I have never used a PC. My dad was teacher, and when Macs were first introduced in schools he bought one for our house. It has always been a staple around my house, then and now.


We had an Apple II+ growing up. Great memories. Loved this post.


oh i love this story Teen!


i love this story Teen!


Thanks for sharing this memorable and beautifull post with all of us.

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